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Why Paw Paw?

These days everyone thinks they’re famous, but you and I know where it’s at ? Pure Paw Paw is the OG, all-Aussie, all-purpose wonder ointment available in eight fruity flavours. Selling millions of tubes around the world, it’s been lauded by models, celebs, influencers and all the in-the-know beauty pros for its ability to fix a multitude of beauty woes, from cracked lips and dry cuticles, to taming brows and flyaway hairs. Flawless.

The Benefits

Not only does this fruity-beauty smell delish, it is jam-packed with skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to smooth and soothe your skin! We carefully fill every 100% recyclable tube with papaya fruit straight from Tropical North Queensland. It’s fresh not frozen, not tested on animals, and free of any unnecessary fillers so you get all of its super food goodness.

The Flavours

When it comes to sweet treats, one is never enough. So, in our savvy edit of 15g and 25g tubes we have 8 fruity favourites – Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Coconut, Cherry,  – and your two new squeezes Blackcurrant and Mango. Change your tube to suit your outfit, bag and mood, and never get caught out. Cracked lips, dry cuticles, unruly brows – we gotcha!


A little sweet, a little tart and bursting with intense fruity flavour! Infused with the goodness of pure Australian papaya, the all NEW Pure Paw Paw Cherry glides on effortlessly to nourish dry lips and awaken your senses with wild cherry flavour. Go on, take that cherry on top ?


Nothing beats the sweet scent of freshly picked strawberries in Spring. We’ve captured that bright, juicy, red berry scent in every tube of Pure Paw Paw Strawberry. Use the handy applicator to quickly restore your lips with a nourishing burst of superfood pure papaya. Ooft! You smell as sweet as sugar.


Keep your lips luscious and fresh all day long! Enriched with nourishing natural goodness, Pure Paw Paw Grape quickly soothes and smooths while imparting lips with a lasting red grape scent. The Aussie way? Pair it with a glass of Rose ?


Lingering on skin to keep it looking fresh and feeling juicy, Pure Paw Paw Watermelon smells like a freshly cut piece of your favourite summer fruit! Filled with nourishing papaya and a ripe watermelon scent, it works to smooth and protect all-day every-day. Umm yum! Can I have some?


Close your eyes and swipe for a tropical summer vacay! Reminiscent of sipping Piña Coladas on a far-flung sandy beach, Pure Paw Paw Coconut gently hydrates and protects parched skin with the natural goodness of pure papaya and the sweet sultry scent of coconut. Bags are packed ✈️

Passion Fruit

Like a freshly picked passion fruit straight from the vine, Pure Paw Paw Passion Fruit is a delicious mix of sweet, tart and floral. Luring you in with its fruity aroma, the hard-working balm is brimming with fresh Aussie papaya to gently repair and restore skin, lips, cuticles, and all your pesky beauty woes. Pash-worthy!


With their blushing orange skin and bright sunny scent, mangoes are a vision of summer. A luscious new addition to our cult, fruity-beauty range, this all-purpose ointment gently soothes, smoothes and locks in hydration. So, if you’re looking for a reliable balm with a big fruity punch, meet your new fave flavour!


Known for their dark purple skin and vibrant berry flavour, blackcurrants are a little tart, a little sweet, and completely irresistible! Enriched with our famed high-quality pure papaya, our brand new purple Pure Paw Paw tube invigorates lips with soothing, smoothing vitamins and nutrients. Tell parched, cracked and flaky skin – see ya!

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